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More about Deborah


It all began with my playschool beauty shop as a child. As I grew, so did my obsession for all things beauty related.  Naturally, as soon as high school was over                                                           I was ready to dive head first into Cosmetology.  

I soon discovered how fulfilled I was by making people feel like the best versions of themselves.  The main goal for every person who sits in my chair is to be able to take what I have created in front of them and produce the same feeling at home.  I love breaking down new techniques as well as when to use a certain product and why.

Although beauty is something I find great passion for, my greatest accomplishment is those two little people on the right.  Chloe and Dean were the inspiration for the name COCO DEAN SALON as a reminder every day who I am doing this for and what is most important in my life.  


One of the key factors in staying up to date with modern hairstyles is to never stop learning.  My most recent classes taken have been the Headshape Matters Cutting course as well as the Masters of Balayage Program to keep my color skills top notch.

If you are ready to start living your best (hair) life with healthy, on trend hair click this link to book your next appointment.

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